Every Pet Deserves a SuperCoat!

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More Than a Product...

SuperCoats is a complete pet skin and coat care system safe for dogs, cats, and horses. Whether your pet’s skin and coat is oily, itchy, damaged, or normal, we have a solution to restoring and maintaining beautiful, healthy coats. Our products are designed to be applied not only to the whole animal, but also just to affected areas such as hot spots, sores, or oily patches.

Made by the World Leader in Topical Treatment of Skin & Coat

Developed by Pam Lauritzen, the Founder of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC). ISCC offers the most advanced professional certifications available worldwide in topical treatment of canine and feline skin and coat. SuperCoats delivers 47 years of experience in every bottle!

Only the Purest Ingredients

SuperCoats products are formulated to deliver simple “back to basics” topical solutions to skin and coat care for pets. In most cases, pets do not need medicated shampoos or harsh exfoliants applied to their entire bodies for only a small affected area. Often they do not need these products at all. Rather they just need mild ingredients and proper hydration to help the skin and coat nurture and heal itself naturally in the most gentle way. That’s what SuperCoats is all about!

Developed for Elite Professionals, Now Available to Pet Owners

We developed SuperCoats for those professional pet stylists who drive themselves to provide the absolute best care possible in the industry by pursuing their professional education and using only the finest products. Our mission is to help every animal achieve and maintain the healthiest skin & coat possible. Whether you are a veterinarian, a professional pet stylist, or a pet owner, every pet in your care can have a SuperCoat!