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DermaPure Conditioner

DermaPure Conditioner is formulated to provide gentle, natural, hypo-allergenic, oil-free conditioning of canine and feline skin and coat. Recommended Use: For Healthy Skin & Coats, Chemically Sensitive Skin & Coats and for Allergy Prone Pets. 15:1 Concentrate.

Made with: Allantoin, Avocado Oil, pH Balanced.

Made in the USA.


DermaPure Conditioner


A hypoallergenic, mild conditioner intended for healthy, chemically sensitive & allergy-prone pets. It gently removes shampoo residue and aids in the removal of environmental pollutants without irritation or adding heavy oils. It leaves the coat easy to manage, static-free, and lustrous.

Recommended for pets with healthy, chemically sensitive or allergy-prone skin with no dryness,  oiliness, inflammation or lesions.

Directions: Dilute 1 part DermaPure Conditioner to 30 parts water. Following final rinse of shampoo, apply conditioner and massage into wet hair making sure the entire coat is saturated. Rinse with lukewarm water (85-90 degrees). Final rinse should be with cool water (80-84 degrees)

For Breeds With Mild-Severely Dry Skin:

First bathe in lukewarm water (85-94 degrees) with DermaPure Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with treatment bath for dry skin using DermaRenew Shampoo. Rinse with cool water (80-84 degrees)— then “water therapy” (see SuperCoatsTM Book). Follow with DermaRenew Conditioner. Last rinse should be in cool water (80-84 degrees).

For Breeds With Mild-Severely Oily Skin:

Following the bath, Use DermaRelief Conditioner.  Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm to warm water (85-94 degrees).  Last rinse should be in cooler water.

NOTE: Use lukewarm-warm (85-94 degrees) water for puppies & senior dogs

Made with only the finest and mildest fatty acids, allantoin and avocado oil.  Ph balanced for pet hair. To prevent injury, aspiration or ingestion, avoid direct contact with eyes, nose and mouth!

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