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DermaRenew Conditioner

A Spa Treatment for Pets, DermaRenew Shampoo and conditioner combined with hydrotherapy removes cellular buildup, relieves inflammation, soothes itchy skin while stimulating cellular replacement.Recommended Use: A treatment bath and conditioner intended for dry, flaky, dehydrated skin. 15:1 Concentrate.

Made with: Wheat Protein, Avocado Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5.

Made in the USA.


DermaRenew Conditioner

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An ultra moisturizing conditioner that gently removes shampoo residue and environmental pollutants while providing UV protection and a generalized sealant to aid rehydration of the skin. It leaves the coat hydrated, easy to manage, static-free, and lustrous.

Recommended for topical use on dry, dehydrated skin exhibiting mild to severe dandruff with or without inflammation or skin irritations.

Directions: Dilute 1 part DermaRenew Conditioner to 30 parts water. Following final rinse of DermaRenew shampoo, apply conditioner and massage into wet hair making sure the entire coat is saturated. Allow to set for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water (85-90 degrees) gradually reducing the temperature to cool water for final rinse. (80-84 degrees).

Water Therapy for Dry Skin

For mild, dry conditions (light dander, no inflammation, lesions): Follow the bath with a heavy, timed rinse for approximately 5 minutes with cool water (80-84 degrees).

For Moderate to Severe conditions (moderate-heavy dander with inflammation and possible lesions):  Follow with a timed “Hydrobath” for approx. 10-18 minutes. Use lukewarm water {85-90 degrees} gradually reducing temperature to cool water {80-84 degrees}.

Note: Use lukewarm to warm (85-94 degrees) for puppies and senior pets.

Follow water therapy with SuperCoats’ DermaRenew Ultra Moisturing Conditioner.

Made with Fatty Acids, Avocado Oil, DI Panthenol and Wheat Protein. Only the finest quality ingredients were used in the making of this product. To prevent injury, aspiration or ingestion, avoid direct contact with eyes, nose and mouth!

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