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MoisturePlus Antistatic Spray

A pH balanced, hydrating, deionized, antistatic spray formulated to aid in the relief of dry, moisture-starved skin. Moisture Plus acts to soothe and hydrate the skin while eliminating static electricity in the coat. Best of all, it hydrates without leaving any residue or oily build-up upon the skin or coat! Recommended Use: Hydrating, antistatic spray to facilitate re-moisturization of dry skin and management of a fly-away coat. Fantastic for daily use as a home care hydration program for pets suffering from dry, moisture-starved skin.

Made with: Demineralized, Deionized, pH Balanced water.

Made in the USA.


MoisturePlus Antistatic Spray


Aids in the Rehydration of skin and coat – Plus the elimination of Static from Pet Hair

Ultra-sterile, deionized and demineralized water intended for use as a salon and home care rehydration program for pets. It aids in hydrating the skin while eliminating static electricity and providing temporary relief from itching. It is gentle, non-toxic and hydrating with no messy build up on the skin or hair.

Recommended for brush out of coats, rehydration of skin and coat, and elimination of static in coat.

Directions: Mist the coat lightly while holding DermaRenew Moisture Plus approximately 2-4” from the pet’s skin. Distribute throughout the coat using a comb if the coat has no tangles or mats. Use the appropriate brush for the pet’s coat type and condition, if the coat is tangled or matted.

For Tangled or Matted Coats:  Apply SuperCoatstm’ “Detangler” Spray to the tangled or matted areas

(use as directed on the bottle). Once all tangles and mats are removed, follow the directions stated above.

Made with ultra-sterile, Moisture Plus, Hydrating & Antistatic Spray, deionized and PH balanced water. No toxins or harmful agents were used in the manufacturing of this product!

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Dimensions 24.13 × 5.08 × 5.08 in

11.7 oz., Gallon