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VapoClear Astringent

A non-toxic, natural and mild astringent with antimicrobial, drying and exudation properties to aid the topical removal of accummulated oil upon the skin and coat.Recommended Use: Fantastic for degreas-ing oily ear furnishings; excess oily buildup at the base of the neck; relieving hot spots and occluded hair follicles; as an ear cleaner; reducing bacterial or fungal growth; and for any problematic greasy build-up upon skin or coat. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, or mouth.

Made with: Wood Oil, Herbal Extracts, Vitamin E.

Made in the USA.


VapoClear Astringent

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A mild astringent intended for localized use prior to or following a topical conditioning bath for oily skin. Most useful for oily accumulation upon the skin, follicular occlusions, stud tail on cats, greasy build-up on ear furnishings, as a topical ear cleaner, and for a variety of mild, non-infectious lesions and infections. May also be helpful in the removal of skunk and anal gland odor.

Directions: Saturate a sterile gauze pad with VapoClear and apply to the affected area. Ensure complete coverage and saturation is achieved. Follow with a bath as appropriate for the skin type and condition (see SuperCoatstm’ Skin Chart). Treat ONLY the affected area(s) with VapoClear.

For Severe Oiliness on the Coat:

A second treatment and bath may be needed. If treating mild generalized infections, first bathe with DermaPure Shampoo — treat ONLY the affected area with VapoClear (allow to set for 5 min.) — rinse thoroughly — follow with DermaRelief Conditioner.

For shedding breeds: “Card Out” excess, dead hair before treating with VapoClear (see SuperCoatstm Book for [“Carding Techniques & Methods”].

Made with only the finest quality ingredients. Contains: Natural wood oils, Fruit extracts, Herbal extracts and Vitamin E.  To prevent injury, aspiration, or ingestion, avoid direct contact with eyes, nose and mouth! Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands after using.

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